About me

My qualifications for EFB are as follows

  • Im a Captain for one of the largest airlines in the US.
  • My main work focus has been EFB since early 2011
  • I developed the EFB program for my airline and we are on our third deployment of devices.
  • I managed over 11,000 iPads for Pilots of my Airline
  • I have been the US Chairman for the AEEC/IATA EFB users forum
  • I have been involved in regulatory policy change in AC120-76 and AC20-173
  • I have been a member of the A4A EFB task force.
  • I have attended US DOD EFB conferences.
  • I’m also an Airframe and Power Plant mechanic, Certified Flight Instructor with Multi engine and Instrument privileges.
  • In the past I have participated as on the GO team for two airline crash investigations with APLA and the FAA.
Will Ware
Captain Will Ware